Credit: Pimentel (Wireimage)

Trendy Diva

As winter slowly comes to an end, fall fashions start to dwindle, and we all anticipate a fresh start. So, you may begin to wonder, what is in store for spring? Here are some of the top trends for the upcoming season.

Fresh Colours

Fall’s hues will be replaced with a fresh new palette of colors like cream, soft grey, nude, warm yellow, rustic red tones, and clear blues. Store your deep and dark winter layers and revamp your style in these shades of spring.

Bold Shoulders

Androgyny continues to prevail on the runway this season, with tuxedo classics and oversized jackets. Pair them with delicate skirts or feminine frocks to add a touch of edgy sophistication. Taking us back to the infamous ‘80s silhouette, jackets will be constructed with shoulder pads or tailored with fullness to emphasis a stronger silhouette.

Jump on it

Jumpsuits will be a hit this spring and possibly one of the most comfortable pieces in which you will invest. They range in length from ankle to knee and appear in different fabrics including jersey and silk. The possibilities are endless with styling this piece; pair it with a jacket to wear around town or dress it up for a glamorous get-up paired with your favourite ankle booties.

What’s it all a ‘boot?

The boot of the season for 2009 is theankle boot. With various details and aesthetics, like cutouts in leather, metal hardware, and different heel designs, you will be sure to find the perfect pair.

Pretty Prints

The return of beautiful prints continues to be strong this spring. You will see anything from animal and reptile prints, polka dots, stripes, and, of course, florals on the runways. Bold colours combined with bold prints make a statement on any garment and allow you to stand out in the limelight.