Ease into Spring

“Nixxi's signature style to me would be ‘the ease of wear.’ Styles can be easily dressed up, dressed down, and accessorized,” says Jada-Lee, creative director of Nixxi designs.

The transition from winter to spring can sometimes be a bit challenging; however, Nixxi’s simplistic, but beautiful designs will help ease you into the upcoming spring season. The main style influence for Nixxi always seems to be nature, or this season, what she calls “Nature’s Simplicity.”  Simple things in life, like warm sandy beaches, tall grassy meadows, old oak trees, or a cozy autumn day have inspired Jada-Lee and are channelled through her design processes. The simple cuts, soft textures, and natural silhouettes of her garments make dressing up or down enjoyable for anyone. She says: “I like to design clothes that I would want to wear. I am not influenced by current ‘style trends’ or ‘color trends’.” Instead, her styles are kept current with modern cuts inspired by music, colour, and pop culture.

Her favorite piece from her spring ’09 collection? “Definitely the Deep Cowl Lounger. I love it because it’s hot but also comfortable and versatile for any customer’s style or body type. I love the colour too!”

Visit her website at http://www.nixxi.ca/ to view her entire collection and for more information.