Score with Dace Moore

Dace Moore knows how to capture West Coast cool in a single shirt dress, how to convey both femininity and comfort with a perfect cardigan, and, of course, the value of a well cut white shirt. For Spring 2009, she managed once again to cover all the bases with her Thomas dress, Wettig sweater, and Rizzardo blouse. Throw in the Vanzeten skirt or Butler jacket and you’ve got a home run!

Neutral colours, from pale blue to khaki green, allow the pieces to mix easily and transition just as seamlessly from a variety of functions. The beauty of Dace’s designs is the ability to manipulate and accessorize for a distinctive approach. Anytime a ‘who wore it better’ moment can be avoided is fine by us! So slip on the Roh pullover and pair it with, well, whatever strikes your fancy, because you are guaranteed to be a hit. Visit for online shopping.